It is assessed that there are about 196 countries all over the world. Each country has their different way of living, government, people, nature, customs and traditions. The country and nation you belong with may be entirely different from some. This has created a certain notion of how each country can generate such impact to those who doesn’t know. These are some of the fascinating country facts from around the world. Be ready to get astounded.

   United States is home to the world’s third largest population with over 318 million people. But to give you another view, United States has the largest number of people behind bars considering the statistics of over 2.2 million people imprisoned. It is followed by China with over 1.5 million and Russia who has 870,000.

   There are some countries whose first love is eating. The small island nation of Nauru is considered as the fattest country on earth, whose 95% of its population is rated as overweight. This nation is believed to have featured a large importation of western fast food. It is associated that eating on fast food restaurants often, could lead to harmful health problems. This is a prompt for obesity, fatty liver, high cholesterol, blood sugar spike, and many more. Eating on fast food is such a guilty pleasure of any individual, but it is necessary to be aware of the bad effects that we could get on it.

   Do you know that the most risky part of earth and most likely to disappear beneath the waves is Maldives. It is located in the continent of Asia, wherein residents of the said place live with fear of global warming and the rising of sea levels.

   Canada is deemed as the largest country in North America by size. It is also noted that this nation has 60% of all the lakes in the world. I’ll bet you’d like to witness those. Well let’s go dry, do you know that 99% of Libya is covered with desert? If you’d like to achieve a tanned skin and get rid of the cold winter, then this place is the perfect place for you to dwell. But if you want to breathe an exceeding fresh air, then you have to visit Russia. This place is claimed to be the largest converter of CO2 with relatively 25% of the world’s forests. You better have to plant more trees or you’ll be poorly deforested like what happened to Haiti, the most treeless nation in the world. Schools should teach the younger generation how to protect nature, or we’ll all be treeless, nature less, and even lifeless. Education is one of the key to provide children learning and realization on things around. Canada is not just famous for their lakes and rich natural beauty; they are also the most educated people for having 50% of their population being educated in post-secondary level. Canadians should be proud of.

   We all have that distinctions, these are just some of the fascinating facts but there are more of it, and more to discover for the years ahead and for the 196 distinct countries. 

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