Amazing realistic painting by Sergey Piskunov

                Every painting has its own story. Artists like Sergey Piskunov exhibits hyper-realistic features in his works that captures intensive attention for those who sees. People looking at his paintings were usually puzzled by its likeness to the real and actual image. These amazing paintings obtained triumph not only in his own land Ukraine but also Germany, Great Britain, USA, Switzerland and many other countries. He was born in Ukraine on April 9, 1989.

The manifestation of being an artist occurred since he was young. On his early childhood, he used to draw in notebooks, desk and many more. This indication made his teacher encourage him to enroll in art school but he refused. On his previous years, he became an IT engineer after receiving a diploma of computer system engineer at Ukrainian Academy of Customs. This point of his life led away his art vision. But fate will always find its way. In his third year of study, a good friend of him led his way to art once again. That eventuality paved his path to the creative world of art and evidently pledged a great start of his fame and success. He was known to furnish hyper-realism on his works making him competitive in the industry of art. His pieces are likely to be compared and resembled with photography.

Rain on her face By 

Sergey Piskunov is a best example of an independent artist. An artist who doesn’t rely on the traditional thus provided a rare style. 

you can view and buy some of his works on this link:

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