Monochromatic Painting by Tigran Tsitoghdzyan

  “New Old Masters” and “Post Critical Era”, these define the works of Tigran Tsitoghdzyan. An Armenian-born and New York-based painter who’s been making art as his lifetime silhouette. He was four when he started to hold and play with watercolors. From that moment up to the present year, he’s been spending his life in thorough passion in art, particularly painting. At a young age, he was discovered by art critic Henrik Iguitian, director of both the Modern Art Museum and Children's Art Museumand and apparently experienced his first and solo exhibition in his hometown Yerevan, Armenia at the age of 10.

    He also disclosed and exhibited his amazing pieces in different countries including Spain, Russia, Japan, and the US. As a big factor of his enhanced and magnificent talent, he graduated at both the Fine Art Academy of Yerevan as well as the famed Ecole Cantonale D’Art Du Valais (ECAV) in Switzerland. At this stage, his works were recognized and reflected a combination of classic technique and contemporary edge that is indeed compared to hyperrealism. Technological renaissance is recently reflected on his previous and current works.

    His masterpieces were commended by critics to be haunting, absolutely stunning and incredibly realistic. Tigran is now claimed and acknowledged as a modern art sensation that continuously excel and develop through time.  

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