Signs that they are lying to you

Signs that they are lying to you

                You are living in a different planet if you haven’t experienced being lied. Here are some of the different signs that will help you identify whose lying.

1.       A quick change of head position. If a person is telling the truth, he might directly answer it without doing anything on his head like bowing down, retracting back and tilting his head at each side. If he did, he’s lying.

2.       The body expression doesn’t correspond on his words. The mismatch of body expression and what he tells is a powerful proof of telling a lie. Gestures and words must coordinate well to convince someone.

3.       Changes in breathing. If someone has changes in breathing, that person’s heart rate and blood flow change. Evidently, that person is indeed nervous and absolutely telling a lie.

4.       Repeating words and phrases. When a person is too desperate to convince someone in telling a lie, they repeat words and phrases over and over again.

5.      Too much information. Liars talk a lot because they are despaired to make everyone believe in their words full of lie.

6.       Covering or touching their mouth.These people might no longer interested to tell you the truth so they tend to touch or cover their mouth to indicate that their off the conversation.

7.       Keep your eye on the feet. A person who shuffle his feet shows that he is uncomfortable and nervous. Therefore, he’s not into telling the truth and probably wants to walk away and just leave the pressure seat.

8.       Difficulty in speaking. If someone stuttered and stumbled, don’t trust his words. This is a manifestation of difficulty in providing directly the truth. Lip biting is also a related sign of lying.

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